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Acadmic Calendar 17-18


       Deposit calendar and project reading.


60 ECTS = 40 ECTS + 20 ECTS Master Thesis (TFM)

TFM: It is possible to do it in a company or research center, in such a way as to achieve the objectives of external work placement.

Teaching is distributed throughout the whole academic year

The master includes: 8 subjectsTFM
Class time will be at afternoon, to facilitate compatibility with professional activity (from 16h to 19h or 20h30). 

At the end of the Master, the students must develop a final project (master's Thesis, TFM) that is related to the different subjects of the course. Participants should prepare a study containing the exposition of the problem to be solved, the proposed solution and its technical and economic viability

The project will be based on real situations of agrifood and bioindustrial companies.